Who are we

International, Public & Corporate Communication (ComIPI) is a no-profit study center aimed at developing and implementing advanced techniques to communicate with the public while respecting ethical principles.

ComIPI uses its communications talent, skills and expertise also to help organizations to

  • educate and inform their target audiences and stakeholders;
  • develop communication strategies;
  • train their staff in communication skills;
  • plan and execute crisis communication plans;
  • develop internal communication plans;
  • develop communications-based scenarios for simulations and exercises;
  • assess inter-cultural aspects of the communication process;
  • monitor and analyze results of communication efforts and assess news media perceptions.

ComIPI has conducted or contributed to communication programs in numerous conventional, crisis and post-conflict environments, and provided communication and public affairs instruction, education and training to public sector and Ministry of Defence representatives of more than 25 nations, implementing NATO's communication policy and procedures.

This experience includes classroom-style instruction, seminars, symposia, conferences, exercises and simulations.  This full-spectrum  skill-set makes ComIPI uniquely qualified to develop, structure and  conduct communication and public affairs programs, offer instructional packages to practitioners, or provide tailored ‘Train The Trainers' programs.


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